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Spiritual Life

What Is Freedom? How Do We Become Free?

As a culture, we want to feel that we are in control of our lives, and especially that we are in control of the things that matter most. That includes our salvation. You hear this all the time on the talk shows: “You can be anything you want to be.” That’s the spirit of our culture. But there are some things you cannot be, that only Jesus can free you to be. So, Jesus is telling us that this simply is not true.

5 Ways an Idle Mind Is the Devil's Workshop

You've heard it said 'an idle mind is the devil's playground.' And even though this isn't direct biblical scripture, the concept of how the enemy sneaks into your mind is spiritually critical to know. Here's how the Bible instructs us to guard against the devil's schemes.

Can We Just Pray Away Injustice?

Christians seem to be getting pulled in all directions these days regarding justice. Some say the only way to bring about meaningful change is through prayer. Others say we need to move past that and take action. But is it truly one or the other? How can Christians actively fight against injustice in our world, and how does prayer enter into that?

4 Important Things to Know about What Privilege Does NOT Mean

It is only when we see the ways systems are unfair that we then can become advocates for the brothers and sisters in our communities that lack equal access in our society. Let’s explore what privilege doesn’t mean in our lives, so we can gain a better understanding of what it does mean.

Called to Witness till Jesus Christ Returns

As you wait for Christ's return, is witnessing a priority in your life? Nothing can compare to being God's instrument to lead one person out of the kingdom of Satan into the glorious life of heaven. If you have never had that experience, or you would like to be more effective in your witness, God can use you starting today.

7 Ways to Know That God Is Right Next to You

Ever feel God is far away? Here are seven ways to draw close in praise and peace, sensing His presence right next to you. When we open the door of our hearts to love Him, He will meet us there. Every time.


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