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Spiritual Life

6 Scriptures for When You Lose Your Focus

God’s Word offers comfort and encouragement to bring Him back into focus and bring us out of survival mode. Here are 6 scriptures for when we lose focus. Each of these verses will strengthen us and provide renewed peace in the midst of life’s demands.

Tetelestai - It Is Finished!

We love the Cross and cherish it because of the price that was paid when Jesus died for our sins. But when the pure Lamb of God hung on that Cross we deem so precious, it was a ghastly sight.

How to Know if You've Been Raised on False Teaching

A false teacher is not always an impostor with an evil agenda commanding the stage and presenting a false gospel—there are unfortunately plenty of people in the pulpit today preaching a message they believe is accurate. Here are five ways to know if you have been raised on false teaching:


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