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St. Valentine's Day

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10 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Fun for Your Kids

Amanda shares 10 easy and fun ways to make them feel extra loved, from baking red and pink goodies to covering their door in festive decorations and writing all the things you love about them. We hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day with your family!

14 Romantic Ways to Show Your Spouse You Love Them This Valentine's Day

We will talk about new, fun, and exciting ways you can show that love to them in a way they understand. We will consider their personalities as well as their primary love languages. People have different ways of receiving love; we will explore those along with some ideas for showing love to our spouses as Valentine's Day approaches.

5 Loving Prayers to Say on Valentine’s Day

February 14, commonly known as Valentine’s Day, is a day when we celebrate the love we have for those dearest to us. Whether you are single or in a relationship, here are five prayers you can pray on this day, Valentine’s Day.

10 Fun Galentine's Day Activities to Share with Your Girlfriends

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”(Proverb 17:17)American legend Leslie Knope is known for many things. None of which has left as lasting of an impact as her creation of Galentine’s Day.For those of you who don’t know, Leslie Knope is a character on NBC’s Parks and Rec played by actress Amy Poehler. Leslie, a constant cheerleader for her all friends and a believer in females supporting females, turns February 13th into a day to celebrate her girlfriends. Ever since, women across America have been celebrating Galentine’s Day.If you have never participated in a Galentine’s Day celebration, I challenge you to host your own. As women, we need to support one another and encourage each other in the plans the Lord has for us. Plus, friendship is just fun! So to help you celebrate the ladies in your life, here are 10 fun Galentine’s Day activities that you can do with your girlfriends.
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10 Valentine's Dates for Couples on a Budget

If you want to save money and be really creative this Valentine’s Day, create a DIY drive-in movie theater in your garage. Set up your laptop or iPad on the dash of your car, turn on Netflix, and grab a blanket for cozying up to your sweetie.

7 Prayers for the Heartbroken This Valentine's Day

As others celebrate Valentine’s Day with joy, guard my heart against feeling envious. Instead, turn my thoughts to You and the mighty ways in which You make all things new. I trust You for complete healing, in Jesus’ precious name, amen.

Husbands, Here Are 7 Things Your Wife Actually Wants This Valentine's Day

So, whether you celebrate this lovie-dovie holiday or not, your wife wants (and needs) to know you still see her and that you want to make her feel treasured, valued, and loved. And I can assure you, the last thing you want is an upset or disappointed wife, all because she said she didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, and you delivered her just that. Nothing.

10 Ways to Use Valentine’s Day to Teach Children about God’s Love

What do defying the law, performing secret weddings, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, conversation attempts, and martyrdom have in common? They are all attributed to the multiple legends surrounding Saint Valentine, a Roman priest who was beheaded in the third century on February 14th.Narratives tell of Valentine being jailed because he practiced Christianity in a pagan world and even attempted to convert the Emperor. Additional stories tell of Valentine healing the sick and restoring sight to his jailer’s blind daughter. The legend ends with Valentine writing the young woman a letter signing it Your Valentine, just before he was executed.The origin of Valentine’s Day is rooted in strong faith and great love. A love that courageously chooses God’s law over man’s. Love that speaks life to the staunchest unbeliever. Love that is powerful enough to heal. Love that is demonstrated in action and conviction, not just words.This is the love that caused St. Valentine to lay his life down for what he believed. Love, plus obedience, was the force the brought Jesus to the cross.Valentine’s Day has come to be a day where we show affection and appreciation for family and friends. This day has the potential to be so much more than flowers, chocolate, and warm fuzzy feelings. It can be an opportunity to reflect God’s big supernatural love; a love full of grace, mercy, justice, truth, forgiveness, joy, and commitment. Love that is patient, kind, content, humble, unselfish, self-controlled, forgiving, protective, enduring, hopeful, and everlasting. In our homes we can celebrate the amazing love God has for us on Valentine’s Day and beyond. Here are 10 ways parents can use Valentine’s Day to teach children about God’s love.
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5 Ways to Show Love to Others This Valentine’s Day

Think of those people who don't have a significant other in their lives. What about a parent who might be alone on this day? What about co-workers who have gotten out of a bad relationship recently? What about a sibling or other relative?

Can Christians Enjoy Valentine’s Day?

While there are mixed feelings surrounding Valentine's Day, it is ultimately between you and God if you decide to celebrate it. There is nothing inherently wrong with Valentine's as it has, over time, just become a tradition.

How to Cope with a Spouse Who Doesn't Celebrate Valentine's Day

If your spouse doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day and has a legitimate reason why—even if you disagree with it—it's time to create realistic expectations. The fact is, Valentine's Day carries different weight with different people. It becomes such an embittered holiday because people—like myself—end up with very high expectations.

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