Basic Gospel with Bob Christopher, Bob Davis and Richard Peifer

Basic Gospel with Bob Christopher, Bob Davis and Richard Peifer

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Basic Gospel, through a live, question and answer format, brings the simple, powerful, life-changing good news to everyday life. The practical, grace-oriented, New Covenant teaching helps listeners connect to and grow in the love of Jesus Christ.

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The Hatred Among Us
"Larry Alex Taunton joins us today to highlight an article he wrote about the recent abortion law changes in several states. It's a fascinating take on why the left is so defiant and intent on wiping out any impediment to abortion. It's a seething hatred for their political opponents that keeps them from agreeing with conservatives on any point of this issue. Here the the link to the article:

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Only Jesus Matters

This is Richard Peifer's powerful journey from legalism to grace...from fear to faith. You will learn what drove him to leave a lucrative position in the high-tech world and devote himself to connecting people to the love of Jesus Christ.You are making the Gospel stand out in Christian media. Your gifts help God’s love and grace rise above the crazy messages of the world and connect people to Jesus.


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