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Bible Answers Live with Doug Batchelor

Bible Answers Live with Doug Batchelor

About Bible Answers Live

Listen to excerpted questions from Doug Batchelor's 60-minute, nationwide call-in program that lets you ask any Bible question and receive the true and accurate answer straight from the Bible.

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A Piece of the Light That Might Have Been Yours
Regret is an ugly thing.  When salvation He's made free, when His love He's made free, when freedom is a just a decision away... why wouldn't you take it ?  Our hearts are stone and wicked and deceitful, we are in the dark.  But even so the Lord gives us choice.  We can choose to take His seal and want His will, we can choose to forgive and be forgiven, we can choose to have Heaven forever.  Right will lead to Light.  Tune in now and find out more.

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