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Ask the Pharmacist

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Ask the Pharmacist

Joe DiMatteo is a registered pharmacists, board-certified clinical nutritionist, and homeopath.

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About Joseph DiMatteo

When it comes to important health questions, getting answers is essential. But not just any answer, the one that works for your situation. One that is direct, effective, and reasonable. One that isn’t two steps forward, one step back.

Often times, in the search for needed answers, many are left confused, not knowing where to turn. They find general subject information, but no clear way to implement it into their lifestyle. They find information about a nutrient or supplement, but without guidance, the experience can be overwhelming and expensive. Advice can sound right, but is it right for you and your family?

You need direct, reasonable and proactive solutions for your health questions. This is Essential. This is “Ask Joe DiMatteo”… an essential source guiding you to good health.


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