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2:30PM - 2:45PM

Key Life with Steve Brown
1-800-KEY-LIFE 539-5433


Key Life isn't for everyone. If you want the Bible to be a "book of rules," if you think there is something unspiritual about laughter and dangerous about freedom and if you define faithfulness as conformity to Christian stereotypes, then Key Life probably isn't for you.

But if you're interested in an honest, non-manipulative and thoughtful presentation of Biblical truth in the context of Christ's unconditional love, Key Life may be for you. If you need to hear the hopeful truth that God isn't mad at you, Key Life is for you.

3:30PM - 4:00PM

Gospel in Life with Tim Keller

Fiery arrows do not come all throughout the battle. When do they come? Right when you’ve decided to storm the stronghold of the enemy.  We’re looking at the armor of God—it’s an illustration Paul uses as a way of saying we have everything we need to meet the battles of life, but we must make use of . . .
4:00PM - 4:26PM

Pastor Rick's Daily Hope with Pastor Rick Warren

Why are so many things in life so hard? Why does doing the right thing often feel like a battle? In this new series, Pastor Rick shares insights from God’s Word about the unseen spiritual forces working against us. This series will help you win the battle within that’s part of the invisible war . . .
4:26PM - 4:30PM

Glenn Mollette

Glenn Mollette is a national syndicated columnist whose column appears in all fifty states and over 500 media outlets. He is the author of 13 books and President of Newburgh Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana. Learn more at . . .
5:00PM - 5:30PM

Focal Point with Pastor Mike Fabarez

In our materialistic world, contentment can be an elusive goal. Sadly, many people will never find it. But it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s possible to be content, no matter what cards you’ve been dealt. Pastor Mike Fabarez reveals the biblical secret to finding joy.
5:30PM - 6:00PM

Pathway to Victory with Dr. Robert Jeffress


Imagine presenting a gift to someone you care deeply about. But instead of gratitude, this person responds with anger. It sounds like a far-fetched scenario. But that’s exactly what happens when someone rejects the Gospel! Dr. Robert Jeffress describes the far better response to God’s gift of . . .


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